Bat masterson quotes gambling

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There are only too few men in the world like Bat Masterson and his death is a genuine loss. At a hundred dollars a plot, how many do you think you'll sell, honey Bat? All he needs is a good example.

Don't forget to thank your wife. Maybe so, but I'll swear I can't see it that way. You leave it, cross it, forget it, but you always come back to it again someday. That sounds like a song. Finally, they were arrested, fined, and released a short time later. William Barclay 'Bat' Masterson: Bat, wait a minute.

Discover Bat Masterson famous and rare quotes. Share Bat Masterson quotations about summer and winter. "There save quote report Wyatt Earp Gambler. Bio: William Barclay Bat Masterson was a figure of the American Old West known as a buffalo hunter, U.S. Marshal and Army scout, avid fisherman, gambler. Although a candidate for the job, Bat was defeated, mainly due to political the early ¡s, though he traveled a great deal seeking the good gambling spots. November ¡) quotes Wyatt Earp as saying, “Bat Masterson was a brave man.

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